Jackson's Homebrew D20 Wiki



Amanuensis - Copy nonmagic text

Bang - Pathetic sonic damage

Dancing Lights - Create small lights

Daze - Target loses next turn

Detect Magic - Find magic auras, identify magic items

Distort Shadow



Flare - Best spell in the game

Light - Create short lived light

Lullaby - Make a target drowsy

Mage Hand - Life small objects within short range

Mending - Useless, doesnt do what you want it to

Message - whisper to a close target

Minor Disguise - Save money on a disguise kit

No Light - Create short lived darkness

Prestidigitation - Parlor Tricks

Resistance - Saving throw bonus

Stick - Magic super glue

1st Circle Spells

Accelerated Movement - Move at full speed while using skills

Alarm - Be alerted when something enters area

Amplify - Makes sounds louder

Appraising Touch - Learn item values easier

Armor Lock - Punish dumb fighters for wearing armor

Beastland Ferocity - Gain ferocity

Catsfeet - Reroll physical skill check

Cause Fear - Make them afraid

Charm - Make some new friends

Cheat - Don't get caught

Critical Strike - Pretend to be a rogue for 1 round

Crown of Veils - Wear a crown that makes you steathy

Cure Light Wounds - Not as good as cure moderate wounds


Dead End - Target becomes harder to track

Deafening Clang - Weapon deals sonic damage

Disguise Self - Now you really don't need a disguise kit

Distort Speech - targets speech becomes "special"

Distract - "hey, whats that over there?"

Erase - There was something here before

Expeditiousness - Move fast

False Aura - create fake magic auras

Feather Fall - how fast does a feather fall anyway?

Feign Death

Grease - was a pretty decent movie

Greater Light

Greater Mending

Guided Path - Find the nearest specified terrain

Healthful Rest - Heal more for resting

Herald's Call - Staggers people

Hideous Laughter - Make a target laugh. Alot.

Hypnotism - for quiting smoking, or losing weight

Identify - Learn properties of magic items

Immediate Assistance - Dial 911, then reroll a skill check

Improvisation - Gain a pool of points to spend on rolls

Incite - Target may not delay or ready actions

Inflict Light Wounds - Not as good as inflict moderate wounds

Insidious Rhythm - Distracts target

Insight of Good Fortune - Gain Advantage on a roll

Inspirational Boost - empower your song.......or story..

Ironguts - +5 saves against poison. saves you 50 gold

Joyful Noise - Counters countersong....

Lesser Confusion

Lesser Image

Lucky Streak - Gain a bonus when rerolling

Mage Wield

Magic Mouth - Create spoken word when triggered

Manipulate Object - Use an object at distance


Master's Touch - Use stuff you are not proficient with

Mimicry - Copy sounds

Opportune Dodge - Avoid attack of opportunity

Phantom Threat - Scarier then a phantom menace.  probly a better movie too.

Remove Fear - make them not afraid

Remove Scent - make them not stinky

Resinous Tar - Sticky Grease

Serene Visage - Talk to people better

Share Talents - share skills

Shock & Awe - bonus to initiative. name is misleading

Sleep - what i should be doing instead of this

Sorrow - Target is worse at attacks

Stay the Hand - negate an attack

Sticky Fingers - bonus on stealth checks when using hands

Summon Component - just buy a spell component pouch scrub

Swift Expeditiousness

Targeting Ray - ray that gives bonus to ranged attacks

True Strike - +20 to attack, ignore illusions and grapples and shit

Undersong - use perform in place of concentration

Undetectable Alignment - don't play evil and you won't need this

Unseen Servant - When you are to lazy to do things yourself

Ventriloquism - talk from somewhere else

Vigilant Slumber - wake up when trigger happens

2nd Circle Spells

Animal Messenger - Send an animal to deliver a message

Animal Spy

Animal Trance - Fascinate animals

Arcane Absorption

Battle Hymn - Creatures in area have advantage on will saves

Blade Brothers - 2 creatures use each others saving throws

Bladeweave - Daze creatures with weapon attacks

Blindness/Deafness - Make them blind or deaf

Blur - makes target blurry

Bonefiddle - Agonize and deal sonic damage to a target

Bothersome Babble - make a target babble

Cacophonous Alarm - An alarm spell that deals damage

Calm Emotions - Make them not angry

Catapult - Throw rocks

Caterwaul - makes people sick

Cat's Grace - give a creature +4 dex

Cause More Fear - Make them more afraid

Circle Dance - Always know location and status of a creature

Cloak Pool - Make an astral pool invisible

Combined Talent

Cure Moderate Wounds - Better then cure light, not as good as cure serious

Curse of Impending Blades - give a target -2 ac

Curse of Obedience


Dark Way - Create a bridge of shadowstuff

Delusions of Grandeur - Make a target bad at d20 rolls

Detect Psionics

Detect Thoughts - Read a target's surface thoughts

Discolor Pool - change color of astral pool

Disguise Someone - make your friend not need a disguise kit

Disquietude - Target does not want to be near others. Emo little fuck

Dissonant Chant - Makes concentrating harder

Distracting Ray - force concentrating checks for using spells

Eagle's Splendor - Give a creature +4 Cha

Elation - Creatures ignore a bunch of conditions

Enthrall - Charm and Fascinate creatures in an area

Entice Gift - Force a creature to give you what they are holding

False Lie - Make lying easier

Fox's Cunning - What does the fox say?

Ghost Dweomer

Glitterdust - Yes, it is real glitter

Greater Alarm

Greater Daze

Greater Mapping

Harmonic Chorus - Creature gains bonus caster level and save DCs

Heroism - I need a hero!!!

Hide from Dragons - good luck

Hold - Paralyze a target

Hypnotic Pattern - Hypnotize people

Image - Create an image that can make sounds

Increase Virulence - Make poisons harder to resist

Inflict Moderate Wounds - Better than Inflict light wounds, not as good as inflict serious

Invisibility - Become invisible

Iron Silence - Stealth in armor is easier

Know Vulnerabilities - Learn a bunch of traits about a creature

Lesser Celerity

Locate Object - Find a specific object within long range

Magic Savant - gain bonus on dweomer and use device

Mask of the Ideal - Gain bonus on some social skills and appearance

Mass Mage Hand

Mastery - Gain bonus on all skill checks

Mesmerizing Glare - Fascinate creatures

Mindless Rage - Make a creature pissed off

Mirror Image - Create illusionary copies of yourself

Misdirection - Detect spells detect something other than you

Miser's Envy - must find my precious

Moral Facade - creature appears as an alignment you choose

Nightmare Lullaby - Confuse a target

Painful Echoes - Sicken and damage creatures each round

Pyrotechnics - bend fire to your will


Reflective Disguise - Creatures see you as their species and gender

Rune of Seeing

Shatter - Destroy nonmagic objects

Silence - Create an area of no sound

Sonic Whip - whip of sound that makes beasts afraid

Sound Burst - deal damage and stun in an area

Speak with Animals - cause that cat over there has some great things to say

Special Presents - Target takes object you are holding and uses it


Spymaster's Coin - See and hear through a coin

Sting Ray - Lower a creatures defense

Suggestion - Suggest a creature take an action

Summon Swarm - Summon a swarm to kill your party...errr. enemies

Summon Weapon - Call a mundane weapon

Swift Haste

Swift Invisibility

Tactical Precision - Your whole party can pretend to be rogues

Tongues - Speak and understand any language

Torrent of Tears - Sicken and blind a target, drink up

Unwavering Stride

Veil of Lust


Vertigo - make creatures flat footed

War Cry - gain bonuses while charging

Warning Shout - grant a bonus on reflex saves

Wave of Grief - make creatures in an area feel sad

Weapon of Impact - bludgeoning weapons crit better

Whirling Blade - throw your weapon in a line, then it returns

Whispering Wind - Speak to a distant location

3rd Circle Spells

Alarm Portal - alarm for portals

Allegro - grant creatures movespeed boost

Alter Fortune - force a creature to reroll a roll

Alter Self - never buy a disguise kit with this spell

Analyze Portal - detect magic, but for portals

Animate Objects - animate objects and make them do stuff

Blink - stil kinda overpowered

Clairvoyance - see or hear at a distance

Confusion - play with jaks "fun" confusion chart

Creaking Cacophony - create an area of very loud sound

Create Fetch - Create a copy of yourself

Crushing Despair - crush their hopes and dreams

Cure Serious Wounds - better than cure moderate, not as good as cure tremendous

Daylight - create a large area of light

Deafening Blast - create loud sound in an area

Deceptive Facade - as diguise other?

Dimension Hop - short range teleport

Dirge of Discord - weaken and slow creatures

Disobedience - suppress compulsion effects

Dispel Magic - strip away magic on a target or an area

Displacement - gain a miss chance

Dissonant Chord - unleash a burst of sound from yourself

Enduring Scrutiny - instantly know if a target performs an action

Fear - make them very afraid

Gaseous Form - become a ball of gas

Geas - target must perform a task or be punished

G'elsewhere Chant - teleport target to a random square

Glibness - just incase you didnt put ranks in bluff

Good Hope - make them feel good

Greater Charm

Greater Image

Greater Sleep

Halt - immobilize a creature

Haste - your melee will hate you if you don't take this

Haunting Tune - make a bunch of creatures afraid

Hesitate - Nauseate a creature

Identify Outsider - learn traits of an outsider

Illusory Script - create writing that fucks with people who arnt allowed to read it

Imperative Ambulation - force a target to move each turn

Inflict Serious Wounds - you probly know what i would have wrote here by now

Invisibility Sphere - creatures inside sphere are invisible

Lesser Summon Outsider

Lingering Chorus - Illusory chorus takes over your bard song

Listening Coin - hear through an object while you are holding another

Love's Lament - remind them that there is no true love in the world

Mass Curse of Impending Blades

Nightmare Terrain - entangle and fear in an area

Phantom Battle - create a fake battle

Phantom Steed - create a fake horse

Puppeteer - target copies your actions

Randomize Casting

Ray of Dizziness - stagger a creature

Remove Curse - never gets used

Scrying - see a creature from very far away

Sculpt Sound - change sounds

Secret Page - change how text looks

See Invisibility - see invisible things

Sepia Snake Sigil - targets get grappled for reading

Shadow Cache - store stuff on the shadow plane

Slow - make creatures move slower, less actions

Sonic Shield - damage and knockback melee attackers

Sound Lance - single target sonic damage

Speak with Plants - why?

Spectral Weapon - create a weapon that attacks touch ac

Spell Inhibitor

Thunder Field - create a zone of electricity that damages and knocks down each round

Tiny Hut - create a safe space

Unluck - creatures gain disadvantage

Unseen Horde - create multiple unseen servants

Unseen Warrior - create a fighter made of force

Wounding Whispers - creatures attacking you take damage

4th Circle Spells

Baleful Blink - Cause an enemies attacks to miss

Battlecry - Grant allies in an area a bonus on weapon damage

Body Harmonic - cause ability damage each round

Break Enchantment - Remove negative effects on creatures

Cacophonic Shield - Create a barrier that blocks sound, gives miss chance, and deals damage

Celebration - Make someone drunk

Cure Tremendous Wounds - Not as good as Heal

Curse of Terror

Detect Scrying - Detect scrying sensors

Dimension Door - Medium range teleport

Dominate - Control a creatures actions

Fortify Stronghold

Freedom of Movement - cheating

Greater Hold

Greater Invisibility

Greater Mirror Image

Greater Resistance

Hallucinatory Terrain - make terrain look different

Healing Spirit - create a spirit that heals those who touch it

Inflict Tremendous Wounds - Not as good as harm

Interminable Echo - target gains penalty to listen and takes damage each round

Legend Lore - learn details about an object or creature

Locate Creature - find a creature

Mass Cat's Grace  - Everybody wants to be cat, cause a cats the only cat, who knows where its at...

Mass Eagle's Splendor - give allies bonus to charisma

Mass Fox's Cunning,  - give allies bonus to Int

Mass Image

Mind Burn

Modify Memory - remove or add memories

Neutralize Poison - remove poison from a creature

Protege - grant a creature bardic music ability

Rainbow Pattern - fascinate creatures who see the rainbow

Ray Deflection - ray attacks are less likely to hit you

Repel Vermin - create a barrier against vermin

Resonating Agony - agonize a target

Resonating Bolt - create a line of damaging sound

Resounding Thunder - create an area of continuous sonic damage

Ruin Delver's Fortune - immediate action spell with differant effects

Scry Location - see a location on same plane

Secure Shelter - create a small cottage

Shadow Summon - create a creature made of shadowstuff

Shout - shout, let it all out

Spell Theft - dispel magic but may choose to gain the spells for yourself


Unseen Assassin - create an assassin made of force

Voice of the Dragon - Fus Ro Dah

Zone of Silence - sound does not leave the area

5th Circle Spells

All Over the Map

Arcane Fusion

Bolts of Bedevilment

Cacophonic Burst


Channeled Sound Blast

Discordant Malediction

Emissary of the Court

Endless Slumber

Evacuation Rune

False Vision

Feign Acceptance

Fever Dream

Friend to Foe

From the Brink

Greater Blink

Greater Dispel Magic

Greater Heroism

Harmonic Void


Incite Riot

Magic Convalescence

Mass Cure Light Wounds

Mass Inflict Light Wounds

Mass Reflective Disguise

Mass Suggestion

Mass True Strike

Mind Fog

Mirage Arcana

Mirror Walk


Negate Psionics

Persistent Image


Shadow Evocation

Shadow Walk

Song of Discord

Wail of Doom

6th Circle Spells


Analyze Dweomer

Aura of Vitality





Empyreal Ecstasy


Find the Path

Greater Legend Lore

Greater Scrying

Greater Shadow Summon

Greater Shout

Heroe's Feast

Hide the Path

Irresistible Dance

Mass Charm

Mass Cure Moderate Wounds

Mass Hold

Mass Inflict Moderate Wounds

Mass Invisibility


Nixie's Grace

Permanent Image

Phase Door

Planar Migration

Programmed Image


Retributive Image


Summon Outsider

Superior Resistance

Sympathetic Vibration

Symphonic Nightmare

Tactical Teleportation

Trust in the Gods