Jackson's Homebrew D20 Wiki

Select one culture at character generation. You gain a +5 bonus on Sociology checks pertaining to your culture.





Government: Military Dictatorship(s)

Favored Class: Fighter

Weapon Training: Spear, Sword

Class Skill: Combat Awareness

+1 attack against Humanoid (Goblin) & Humanoid (Savage)


Language: Infernal

Alignment: Mildly Lawful

Culture notes: Watch out for falling sky.


Continent: Wessa

Government: Noble Council

Favored Class: Rogue

Weapon Training: Swords

Class Skill: Geo & Survival

Language: Wessen & Olman

Alignment: Mildly Neutral

Culture notes: Coastal jungles. Pirates. Undead. Undead jungle pirates.


Favored Class: Barbarian

Weapon Training: Tools, Thrown

Class Skill: Survival


Language: any one appropriate to the area or race

Alignment: Any

Culture notes: Nomadic or reclusive tribes that avoid commerce & agriculture.


Continent: Shava

Government: Feudal

Favored Class: Monk or Paladin

Weapon Training: Unarmed

Class Skill: Acrobatics & Sociology

Language: Shava

Alignment: Strongly Lawful

Culture notes: Feudal Japan


Favored Class: Cleric or Favored

Weapon Training: By deity

Class Skill: Arcana & Sociology

Language: any one appropriate to the area or deity

Alignment: Strongly as Deity

Culture notes: People raised in a church, or other religious complex.


Continent: Bafota

Government: Do what the dragon tells you.

Favored Class: Sorcerer or Dragon Shaman

Weapon Training: Spear, Unarmed

+2 on Wis skills targeting dragons

-2 Cha skills targeting dragons

+1 save vs area attacks

Language: Draconic

Alignment: Strongly Chaotic

Culture notes: This area is ruled by chromatic dragons. Have fun.


Continent: Wessa & Shava

Government: Theocracy

Favored Class: Male: Wizard or Witch Female: Cleric or Favored Soul

Weapon Training: Bow, Flail, or Sword

Class Skill: Bluff & Sense Motive

Language: Elven

Poison Use Skill Trick

Alignment: Strongly CE

Culture notes: Men suck; spiders rule.


Government: Hereditary Monarchy

Favored Class: Fighter or Cleric

Weapon Training: Tools

Language: Dwarven

Class Skill: Combat Awareness & Geo

+1 to attack against kobolds & orcs

Any 2 base Craft Skill Tricks

Light sensitivity

Alignment: Mildly LG

Culture notes: Beer, gold, beards.

Empire of Skrurngthsphroysht

Continent: Wessa

Capital: Skrurngthsphroysht

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Favored Class: Fighter or Rogue

Class Skill: Administration

Language: Wessen

Alignment: Strongly Lawful & Chaotic

Culture notes: It is illegal to do anything (including nothing).


Government: Varies

Favored Class: Druid or Ranger

Weapon Training: Bows, Sword

Language: Elven

Handle Animal skill trick

Alignment: Mildly CG

Culture notes: Trees, Squirrels, Archery.

Fey Court

Government: Ha!

Favored Class: Seelie: Druid Unseelie: Sorcerer

Weapon Training: Bow

Class Skill: Bluff

Language: Sylvan

Alignment: Mildly Chaotic

Culture notes: People who live forever tend to get bored.


Continent: Wessa

Government: ...Billy?

Favored Class: Female: Wizard  Male: Cleric

-2 Survival

Cold resistance: 2

Weapon Training: Firearms

Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword (one-handed)

Language: Wessen, Dwarven

Alignment: Strongly L, Mildly G

Culture notes: A northern land stuck in a magical eternal winter. The government provides basic necessities for its citizens such as food and housing. Due to a shortage on wood, weapons made of wood are rare and the use of black powder weapons is common.



Continent: Shava

Government: Dictatorship

Favored Class: Expert

Weapon Training: Tools


Language: Infernal, Shava

Alignment: Mildly Evil & Lawful

Culture notes: Back to work! Also, no convention.


Favored Class: Bard or Wizard

Language: Gnome

Class Skill: Engineering & Sense Motive

+1 attack against Humanoid (Goblin)

Weapon Training: Grenade

Alignment: Mildly NG

Culture notes: Pranks, names, & science.


Favored Class: Rogue or Shaman.

Language: Goblin

Class Skill: Athletics

+1 to attack while flanking

Weapon Training: Choose one: Mace, Spear, Sword, Thrown, Tool

Alignment: Mildly NE

Culture Notes: THEY GOT THE ELITE! RUN!!!

Gray Elf

Continent: Shava

Government: Meritocracy

Favored Class: Monk or Wizard

Weapon Training: Bow, Unarmed

Class Skill: Biology, Geo, & Sociology

Language: Elven, Shava

Alignment: Mildly Lawful

Culture notes: Mostly destroyed.


Continent: Wessa

Government: see Empire of Skrurngthsphroysht

Favored Class: Bard or Ranger

Class Skill: Hypnosis & Use Device

Weapon Training: Sword

Language: Wessen

Alignment: Mildly CN

Culture notes: The Empire of Skrurngthsphroysht does not pay a lot of attention to some of its border provinces.


Continent: Wessa

Government: Monarchy

Favored Class: Fighter or Sorcerer

Weapon Training: Sword

Class Skill: Arcana

Language: Wessen

Alignment: Strongly LG & Mildly CE

Culture notes: Yay, Deck of Many Things!


Continent: Wessa

Government: Senate

Favored Class: Psion or Psychic Warrior or Wilder

Language: Wessen & Ancient Wessen

Class Skill: Administration & Dweomer

Weapon Training: Sword

Alignment: Strongly LN

Culture notes: They are the Roman Empire, but without the emperors.



Continent: Bafota

Government: Vicious Hereditary Monarchy

Favored Class: Male: Wizard Female: none

Weapon Training: Sword

Language: Bafota, Elven

-1 save against [Compulsion]

-2 Sense Motive

-4 to Memory rolls

+1 attack & weapon damage against orcs

Alignment: Strongly LE

Culture notes: They hate women, & orcs.


Favored Class: Rogue or Sorcerer

Weapon Training: Bow & Spear

Class Skill: Engineering

+4 on Stealth checks to hide objects

Language: Draconic

Alignment: Mildly LE

Culture notes: IT'S A TARP!


Continent: Wessa

Government: Hereditary Monarchy

Favored Class: Rogue

Class Skill: Diplomacy, Geo, & Sociology

Language: Wessen

Alignment: Mildy N

Culture notes: Small but extremely wealthy nation. Primary economic activities are commerce, tourism, gambling, entertainment, & luxury exports (fine wines, jewelry, clothing, perfumes). Cultural foods include a wide variety of freshwater & salt-water seafoods, delicate vegetable dishes, & light confections. Street foods include organ meats &/or small animals broiled & seasoned, served on sticks.


Continent: Wessa & Australis

Government: Elder council

Favored Class: Fighter or Rogue

+4 dodge bonus to defense

-2 save against [Fear]

Language: Gnome, Terran

Alignment: Strongly Neutral

Culture notes: We are all going to die horribly. (If you are not a svirfneblin, they probably left you where they found you.)


Favored Class: Barbarian or Fighter

Weapon Training: Tools, Swords

-1 Init

+1 Maneuver

Bullheaded: increase the DC to modify attitude with Diplomacy by 4.

Language: Orc

Alignment: Mildly CE

Culture Notes: THAT'S MINE!



Continent: Shava

Government: hahahahaha!

Favored Class: Rogue

Weapon Training: Thrown

Language: Persiet

Class Skill: Stealth & Sense Motive

Alignment: Strongly CN

Culture notes: Swallow your purse. Persis is the city of thieves.


Continent: Wessa

Government: Meritocracy

Favored Class: Psion & Wizard

Class Skill: Dweomer, Engineering, & Listen

Language: Bafota & Wessen

Alignment: Strongly Neutral

Culture notes: Elevation matters.

Temple of Ascendancy

Continent: Wessa

Government: Theocracy

Favored Class: Cleric or Paladin

Weapon Training: Mace

Class Skill: Diplomacy

Language: Wessen

Alignment: Strongly Good

Culture notes: Make everything better! Yay!



Government: Capitalist Meritocracy (only Mercanes)

Favored Class: Fighter or Wizard

Weapon Training: Sword

Haggle & Planar Comprehension Skill Tricks

Language: Mercane

Alignment: Strongly Lawful

Culture notes: You should be an importer/exporter.

Vir Zind

Continent: Wessa

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Favored Class: Fighter

Weapon Training: Flail

Class Skill: Combat Awareness

+2 on any physical escalating check or save

Language: Wessan, Vir Zind Military sign

Alignment: Strongly lawful evil

Culture Notes: A military dictatorship led by a woman known as the blood queen. Forced worship of the god Hextor is law and all other religions are heresy and worshiping or displaying idols of these false gods will get you hung by the neck until dead. Mandatory military service of no less than 4 years is required of every citizen. Those that are deemed to be to weak to be a fighter are either sent to the frontlines as fodder or found a job more fitting of their skills. Induction into the clergy of Hextor is reserved for those of high social standing. Foreigners attempting to enter the country should first obtain the proper paperwork or will be arrested at the many checkpoints across the country and sentenced to no less than 10 years hard labor.

Von Grey

Continent: Wessa

Government: ...

Favored Class: Ranger or Druid

Class Skill: Arcana

+1 attack against Undead

Weapon Training: Choose any one.

Language: Wessen, Sylvan

Alignment: Strongly CG

Culture notes: Those who lived in grey's small kingdom located on the edge of the darkwood, or were part of his army of undead slayers called "the nightwatch". For 300 years the kingdom stood as a line of defense against the hordes of undead and drow that live in the darkwood. The kingdom was defeated and most of citizens were slaughtered in one final massive battle. (Because most of the people were wiped out, this culture is restricted, ask your GM if you may use it).


Favored Class: Bard or Ranger

Class Skill: Geo & Sociology

Weapon Training: Tools

Language: Any one

Culture notes: Wanderers never stay in one place for long, often picking up little bits of each culture they visit.