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Diplomacy (Cha)[]

Diplomacy checks to modify attitude require 10 standard actions; attempting as a single standard action imparts a -10 penalty. You may modify their attitude an additional step for each time your check result doubles the DC. Animal handling takes a -5 penalty. Checks to demoralize or intimidate gain a modifier equal to your size modifier to MD minus the target’s.

Modify Target's attitude 1 step (toward self): DC 10 + HD + Wis/Cha

Modify Target's attitude 1 step (toward other present): DC 15 + HD + Wis/Cha

Modify Target's attitude 1 step (toward other, not present): DC 25 + HD + Wis/Cha

Modify target’s attitude 1 step, to Murderous or Fanatic: Double DC

Handle Animal (standard): DC 5 + HD

Handle Animal (move): DC 10 + HD

Handle Animal (free): DC 15 + HD

Push animal: +10 DC

Demoralize (standard): DC 10 + HD + Wis + fear save bonus; add 1 round for every 5 points of additional success

Intimidation (turn): DC 15 + HD + Wis/Cha; lasts 1d6x10 minutes (add 1d6 for every 5 points of additional success)

Taunt (move): DC 20 + Wis

Make helpful creature a follower (HD+LA+4 < leader’s HD+LA): DC 10 + target’s Int & Cha + chart

Target is…

DC modifier

Different alignment

+3x alignment differential

Different religion


Opposed religion






A leader




Different kind


Different type


Traditional enemy


Against other follower

+½ DC mod for issue


Every 5 ranks in Administration provides a +1 bonus to Diplomacy.

Class Skill: