Jackson's Homebrew D20 Wiki


Basic Features

Base Attack: 1

Base Caster/Manifester: ½

Base Saves: Good Fortitude / Average Reflex / Poor Will

Hit-Die: D10 (7)

Skill Points: 4 (Acrobatics, Athletics, Combat Awareness, Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Spot)

Weapon Proficiency: Martial

Weapon Group Training: Any 7

Combat Proficiency: Disarm, Feint, Grapple, Push, Sunder, Trip

Armor Proficiency: Light, Medium, Heavy, Basic, & Great

Initiative: Dex

Level Progression

Fort Ref Will Fort Ref Will
01 Bonus Feat +2 +1 +0 11 Great Ally +7 +5 +3
02 Bonus Feat +3 +2 +0 12 Bonus Feat, Deportment +8 +6 +4
03 Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Improved Initiative +3 +2 +1 13 Weapon Precision +3D8 +8 +6 +4
04 Bonus Feat +4 +2 +1 14 Bonus Feat +9 +6 +4
05 Quick Draw, Stalwart +4 +3 +1 15 Greater Armor Mastery, Shrug Off +9 +7 +5
06 Bonus Feat +5 +3 +2 16 Bonus Feat, Weapon Precision +4D8 +10 +7 +5
07 Skill Focus (Combat Awareness)Weapon Precision +1D8 +5 +4 +2 17 Hero's Resolve +10 +8 +5
08 Bonus Feat, Reactive Assessment +6 +4 +2 18 Bonus Feat +11 +8 +6
09 Armor Mastery +6 +4 +3 19 Heroic Juxtaposition, Weapon Precision +5D8 +11 +8 +6
10 Bonus Feat, Second Wind 1/day, Weapon Precision +2D8 +7 +5 +3 20 Bonus Feat, Improved Multiplier, Second Wind 2/day +12 +9 +6

Class Features

Bonus Feat:

The Fighter gains a Combat feat.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency:

The Fighter is now proficient with exotic weapons.

Improved Initiative:

The Fighter gains Improved Initiative as a bonus feat.

Quick Draw:

The Fighter gains Quick Draw as a bonus feat.


The Fighter may roll Fortitude instead of Will against [Fear].

Weapon Precision:

When the Fighter makes only a single attack during their turn, they add the listed bonus damage.

Skill Focus (Combat Awareness):

The Fighter gains Skill Focus (Combat Awareness) as a bonus feat.

Reactive Assessment:

The Fighter may, as a free action, attempt to discern the defense of an opponent they have just attacked (Combat Awarenes, DC equal to that defense).

Armor Mastery:

While wearing armor, the Fighter increases the maximum Dexterity by 1, decreases the armor check penalty by 1, & may move at full speed.

Great Ally:

The Fighter's allies receive an additional +2 bonus on attacks when flanking with the Fighter, & the Fighter may grant an additional +2 bonus when they Aid Another.


The Fighter may switch their stance as an immediate action.

Second Wind:

The Fighter may recover hit points (or remove non-lethal damage) equal to their Weapon Precision value, as an immediate action.

Greater Armor Mastery:

While wearing armor, the Fighter increases the maximum Dexterity by an additional 1, decreases the armor check penalty by an additional 1, adds 1 to the armor bonus, & has no reduction to run speed.

Shrug Off

When the Fighter activates their Second Wind, they may re-save against an ongoing effect that began within the last round.

Hero's Resolve:

The Fighter adds their Cha bonus as a luck bonus to defense, & on saves against [Mind].

Heroic Juxtaposition:

The Fighter may, as an immediate physical action, attempt to redirect an attack against an adjacent target to themself. They must make a Reflex save (DC 5 + attacker's BA + attacker's size modifier to AC; the DC increases by 5 if the Fighter is not also adjacent to the attacker).

Improved Multiplier:

When the Fighter confirms a critical hit, the damage multiplier is increased by 1.