Jackson's Homebrew D20 Wiki


A character may gain a flaw at levels 1, 10, 20, 30, etc.

When you take a flaw, you may take a feat.

You may not take any feat restricted by a flaw you have.



You are blind. -10 on spot checks, DC +5/sq, +4 to listen checks, +5 to luck score.

Special: You may not take this flaw if you are racially blind. You automatically begin with this flaw if you were born without eyes.

Clay Will:

-3 to will saves. If you fail a Will save, additionally become shaken for 1d4 rounds.

Restricted Feats: Iron Will


-20 to Listen, -4 initiative & Stealth, Concentration (DC 15 + circle) to cast spells with a verbal component

Special: You may not take this flaw if you are racially deaf. These penalties do not stack with the identical penalties for being otherwise deaf.


-6 to Acrobatics, Athletics, & Maneuver. +5 on Surge! rolls.

Restricted Feats: Skill Focus (Acrobatics or Athletics), Endurance


-1 HP/Lv, +5 on Stabilization rolls, creatures get +6 on confirmation rolls against you. Your natural healing works only 1/2 as well (round up).

Restricted Feats: Toughness


-6 to Combat Awareness, Dweomer, Listen, Sense Motive, & Spot, & saves against [Dissimulate].

Restricted Feats: Alertness, Skill Focus (penalized skills)



Restricted Feats: Varies


-6 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Administration, Perform, & Sense Motive. Gain only 1/2 bonus from flanking. -4 on aid checks (& others take a -4 on checks to aid you). You & your allies treat each other as enemies for determining skill DC's for sharing or passing through the same space. The first time each stressful situation that an ally uses a harmless effect on you, you must pass a Will save (DC as the effect), or you must save against the effect.

Restricted Feats: Skill Focus (penalized skills)


-6 to Listen, Diplomacy, Perform, & Stealth. +5 on Luck & Positioning rolls. Opponents may reroll failed concealment miss chance against you (unless they are deaf). You must save against Silence.

Restricted Feats: Skill Focus (penalized skills), Alertness

Meager Fortitude:

-3 to Fortitude Saves, whenever you fail a Fortitude save, lose 1d4 hp (no, not permanently).

Restricted Feats: Great Fortitude


-2 to melee attack & weapon damage rolls, & defense against melee attacks. At the beginning of your first turn each combat, make a Will save (DC 10 + the highest combatant's BA) or be dazed 1 round.

Restricted Feats: Any [Combat]


Requirements: must be taken at 1st level.

-12 ability generation points.

Special: You may take this flaw up to three times at level 1, cuz why the f*uck not.

Poor Sight:

Disadvantage on concealment miss chances, lose low light & darkvision, -8 to Spot.

Special: You may not take this flaw if you are blind. If you have Blindfight, roll concealment miss chances as though you possessed neither that feat, nor this flaw.


-3 on Ranged attack & weapon damage rolls, -1 defense vs ranged attacks, -6 to Escape, Finesse, & Stealth.

Restricted Feats: Precise Shot, & any that require it.


-1 to all movement speeds, may not make an adjustment as a swift action.

Restricted Feats: Run, Dash

Sluggish Reflexes:

-3 on Reflex. If you fail a Reflex save, fall prone & drop anything you are holding.

Restricted Feats: Lightning Reflexes


Requirements: must be taken at level 1

Illiterate, -4 on Administration, Arcana, Biology, Engineering, Geo, Sociology. You forfeit bonus languages from high Intelligence. Add some sort of superstition to this.


-10 on confirmation rolls, +10 to luck rolls, -1 on saving throws, +1 fumble threat range.

Restricted Feats: Power Critical, Improved Initiative, Improved Critical


-15 Initiative. When you use an immediate action outside your turn, lose your next standard action instead of your next swift action.

Restricted Feats: Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative


-4 to Acrobatics, Hypnosis, Engineering, & Maneuver,  & saves vs confusion.

Restricted Feats: Skill Focus (penalized skills), Improved Push, Improved Trip


Forfeit your next 10 Skill Points, & all skill synergies.

Restricted Feats: Skill Focus (any), Open Minded

Special: You may take this flaw each time you are allowed a flaw, increasing the forfeited skill points by 50% each additional time.


-3 defense, -15 on checks to avoid opportunity

Restricted Feats: Combat Casting, Mobility, Combat Expertise, Improved Natural Armor, Armor Skin