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Stances are selected when total Class Level of 5, 10, or 20 is acheived.

At CL5, you may select a Least stance. At CL10, you may instead select a Lesser stance, & at CL20 you may select any stance.

Activating or switching a stance is a swift action.

If a stance has an Upgrade, its stance benefits improve at the specified BA (Upgrade10 means when BA10 is reached). Any [Still] stance normally deactivates when you move from your position. Any [Recover] stance normally deactivates when you attack. A [Constant] stance remains active when another stance is activated.


Absolute Steel: +5 to base land speed, +1 dodge to defense after moving 10' (Upgrade10: increase bonuses to +10 and +2; Upgrade15: increase bonuses to +15 and +3; Upgrade20: increase the bonuses to +20 and +4).

Assassin: +1d8 sudden strike (Upgrade15: +2d8 sudden strike).

Balanced Step: +1 competence to MD (Upgrade10: +3 competence to MD, +1 competence to maneuver; Upgrade20: +5 competence to MD & Maneuver)

Blood in the Water: Whenever you successfully get a critical hit, you gain a +(2 + iterative attacks) morale bonus on attacks, saves, and defenses until your next turn (Upgrade 10: +1 threat range; Upgrade20: +2 threat, +4 confirmation).

Bolstering Voice: While you are capable of speaking, allies within 60' gain a +2 morale bonus to Will saves (+4 vs fear).

Child of Shadow: If you move 10' and end your movement in a space that is in a shadowy area, you gain concealment.

Chill Blood: Energy resistance 5 cold (prereq: good reason) (Upgrade15: increase the energy resistance to 20).

Crushing Weight of the Mountain: Gain Constrict (DC10 +1/2BA +Str).

Flame Blessing: Energy resistance 5 fire (prereq: good reason) (Upgrade15: increase the energy resistance to 20).

Giant Killer: +2 Attack vs creatures Large or larger (Upgrade10: also +2 weapon damage; Upgrade20: increase the bonuses to +4, and +2 defense).

Greater Defense: +1 defense when fighting defensively, +2 in full defense (Upgrade10: +2 Will while fighting defensively or taking full defense).

Iron Glare: Enemies you are adjacent to get -2 on attacks against creatures other than you unless they are mindless or soulless (Upgrade15: The penalty increases to -5).

Island of Blades: You gain flanking benefits as long as an adjacent enemy is threatened by another creature (Upgrade15: you receive an additional +2 bonus to attack flanked creatures).

Leading the Charge: If you make a charge attack and hit, until your next turn your allies within 20 x (1 + iterative attacks) feet gain a morale bonus on weapon damage (equal to 1/3 your BA) when they charge.

Leaping Dragon: +10 Jump, and always running (Upgrade10: +20 Jump; Upgrade20: +30 Jump).

Mage Bane: (prereq: Arcana or Dweomer 1 rank) Eemies within your threatened area take a -5 penalty to concentration rolls to initiate defensively (Upgrade15: the penalty increases to -10).

Martial Spirit: For each weapon hit you score, you gain 1 stacking THP (maximum = Constitution), lasting Con rounds (Upgrade10: gain 2 THP instead, Upgrade15: gain 3 THP instead, Upgrade20: gain 4 THP instead).

MegaDodge: The bonus against the target of your Dodge increases by 1 (Upgrade10: You get +1 attack against the target of your Dodge, Upgrade 15: your Dodge bonus to defense increases by another 1).

Pearl of Black Doubt: Cumulative +1 dodge bonus to defense for each missed attack against you; the bonus resets to zero at the start of your turn.

Prey on the Weak: Gain an additional +2 bonus on attack rolls against targets that are: agonized, blinded, cowering, dazed, dazzled, disabled, dying, entangled, exhausted, fascinated, fatigued, flat-footed, frightened, helpless, nauseated, pinned, prone, sickened, staggered, or stunned (Upgrade15: You gain an immediate attack whenever an enemy within 10' drops).

Punishing Blow: +1d6 weapon damage, -2 defense (Upgrade10: +1d8 damage; Upgrade15: +1d10 damage; Upgrade20: +1d12 damage).

Ready for Anything: +1/5 (round down) BA on Reflex & Initiative.

Roots of the Mountain: (prereq: Endurance) [Still] +4 dodge to MD, +4 tumble DC, DR 1/- (Upgrade10: You may move up to 5' each round without deactivating this stance).

Stance of Clarity: +2 insight to defense for 1 target, -2 defense for others.

Step of the Wind: (req: Acr 1 rank, Ath 1 rank) +10 on checks to overcome difficult terrain, +2 attack & MD vs targets on difficult terrain (Upgrade15: ignore penalties to speed for terrain).

Stonefoot Dodge: +2 dodge to defense vs larger creatures (Upgrade10: increase the bonus to +4). 

Tactics of the Wolf:  (prereq 4 Admin & 4 Combat Awareness). you and allies flanking a target you threaten get +1/3 your BA to weapon damage against that target.

Thicket of Blades: If a creature makes an adjustment into or out of an adjacent square, you may make an attack of opportunity with a -4 penalty; Reflex negates (DC 10 + BA + Dex).

Weapon Training: [Constant] Choose a weapon group; you are trained in that group.

Wolverine Claw: While in a grapple you may attack with a light weapon at no penalty, or with a one-handed weapon at -4 (Upgrade10: you gain a +20 bonus on maneuver checks to draw a weapon while grappled).


Close Combat Shot:(prereq: Combat Awareness 10 ranks) You may make ranged attacks without provoking.

Dance of the Spider: (​prereq: Athletics 12 ranks, Acrobatics 8 ranks) climb speed 20' while you have 4 limbs available, or +20 to your existing climb speed.

Dancing Blade Form:  (prereq: Acrobatics 8 ranks) [Recover] +1 Reach. When you attack, take a -2 penalty to defense until your next turn.

Fiery Assault: (prereq: Flame Blessing) +1d6 fire damage to weapon attacks (Upgrade15: +2d6 fire damage; Upgrade20: +3d6 fire damage). You are also considered to have the Flame Blessing stance active.

Frigid Assault: (prereq: Chill Blood) +1d6 cold damage to weapon attacks (Upgrade15: +2d6 cold damage; Upgrade20: +3d6 cold damage). You are also considered to have the Chill Blood stance active.

Giant's Swing: [Still] +1 size category for weapon damage rolls (Upgrade15: You may move up to 5' each round without deactivating this stance).

Holocaust Cloak: (prereq: Fiery Assault) Fire aura 1d6 (Upgrade20: fire aura 2d6). You are also considered to have the Fiery Assault stance active.

Shifting Defense: (prereq: Improved Initiative) Immediate adjustment when an enemy misses you with an attack.

Swarm Tactics: Allies within 60' get +2 attack & weapon damage vs targets adjacent to you.

Weapon Training, Greater: [Constant] You are trained in all weapon groups.

Winter's Wrath: (prereq: Frigid Assault) Cold aura 1d6 (Upgrade20: cold aura 2d6). You are also considered to have the Frigid Assault stance active.


Ghostly Defense: Redirect missed attacks from miss chance to an adjacent target.

Immortal Fortitude: Fortitude (DC = Neg hp total) each round to remain active.

Blade of Alacrity:  +1 opportunity attack without using an action (Upgrade20: +2 opportunity attacks without using any actions, and +1d8 weapon damage on opportunity attacks).

Supreme Blade Parry: DR 5/- while armed with melee weapon and not Flat-Footed.

Step of the Dancing Moth: [Recover] Walk at 5' elevation [speed 20], no penalty to stealth for full speed. (prereq: absurdly good reason)

Strength of Stone: [Still] Fortification BA/ 1/3 BA (Upgrade20: You may move up to 5' each round without deactivating this stance).

Wolf Pack Tactics:  You get a free 5' move for each melee hit, with out provoking from the target, total distance not more than 1/2 base speed each turn.

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