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See the explanatory text after the table, & weapon modifications below that. Improvised weapon damage is listed at the end.

Magic Items

Name Cost Damage Crit


Wt Type Group Special


Club 1sp 1d6 10' (T) 3 b,1 Mace FM
Crossbow, Hand 20gp 1d6 18 30' (P) 2 p,L Bow RL[m]
Crossbow, Heavy 50gp 1d12 18 120' (P) 8 p,2 Bow RL[t]
Crossbow, Light 35gp 1d10 18 80' (P) 4 p,2 Bow RL[m]
Dagger 2gp 1d4 19 10' (T) 1 p/s,L Sword FM
Grenade X? Varies 10' (T) X b,1 Grenade, Thrown Varies
Quarterstaff 5sp 1d6 - 4 b,2 Mace Db
Rock 0 1d3 5' 1 b, L Thrown


Bash, Roundel 20gp 1d4 - 10 b,1 Shield
Bash, Targe 12gp 1d3 - 6 b,L Shield
Bomb 100gp 2d6 (10' radius; Ref10 +½BA +Dex) 10' (T) 1 e,1 Black Powder, Grenade F2
Dart 5sp 1d4 20' (T) ½ p,L Spear, Thrown Am
Greatclub 5gp 1d10 - 8 b,2 Mace
Guantlet 2gp as Unarmed <-- No 1 b,L Unarmed Dp
Javelin 1gp 1d6 30' (T) 2 p,1 Spear
Longspear 5gp 1d8 x3 - 9 p,2 Spear Re
Mace, Heavy 12gp 1d8 - 8 b,1 Mace
Mace, Light 5gp 1d6 - 4 b,L Mace
Morningstar 8gp 1d8 - 6 b/p,1 Mace
Ram, Portable 10gp 2d6 - 20 b,C2 Mace, Siege F?
Shortspear 1gp 1d6 x3 30' (T) 3 p,1 Spear FM
Sling 1gp 1d4 50' (P/T) - b,1 Thrown RL[m]
Sling Staff 2gp 1d6 100' (P/T) 5 b,2 Thrown CL, RL[m]
Spear 2gp 1d8 x3 20' (T) 6 p,2 Spear FM


Axe, Throwing 8gp 1d6 10' (T) 2 s,L Tool FM
Ballista 500gp 4d6 18 150' (P) 200 b,2 Bow, Siege RL [2t, Eng 5]
Bash, Buckler 15gp 1d2 - 4 b,L Shield
Bash, Kite 100gp 1d6 - 20 b,1 Shield
Bastard Sword 35gp 1d10 19 - 6 s,2 Sword E1
Battleaxe 10gp 1d8 x3 - 6 s,1 Tool
Calculus 10gp as grenade +1/ +0 120' (P) 7 b,1 Bow, Grenade RL[m]
Catapult, Heavy 800gp 6d6 (5' radius; Ref 10 +½BA vs bury) x4 200' (P) [min 100'] 500 b,C3 Siege F?, RL [3t, Eng 5]
Catapult, Light 550gp 4d6 x4 150' (P) [min 100'] 300 b,C2 Siege F?, RL [2t, Eng 5]
Dagger, Punching 2gp 1d4 x3 - 1 p,1 Sword Dp
Falchion 75gp 2d4 18 - 8 s,2 Sword
Flail 8gp 1d8 - 5 b,1 Flail
Flail, Heavy 15gp 1d10 19 - 8 b,2 Flail Tr
Glaive 8gp 1d10 x3 - 10 s,2 Spear Re
Greataxe 20gp 1d12 x3 - 12 s,2 Tool
Great Hammer 30gp 1d12 x3 - 15 b,2 Tool
Greatsword 50gp 2d6 19 - 8 s,2 Sword
Guantlet, Bladed 30gp 1d6 19 No 4 s,1 Unarmed Dp
Guantlet, Spiked 5gp 1d4 No 1 p,L Unarmed Dp
Guisarme 9gp 2d4 x3 - 12 s,2 Spear Re, Tr
Halberd 10gp 1d10 x3 - 12 p/s,2 Tool Br, Db
Hammer, Light 1gp 1d4 20' (T) 2 b,L Tool FM
Handaxe 6gp 1d6 x3 - 3 s,L Tool
Kukri 8gp 1d4 18 - 2 s,L Sword
Lance 10gp 1d8 x3 - 10 p,2 Spear M1, MC, Re
Longbow 75gp 1d10 x3 100' (P) 3 p,2 Bow CL
Longsword 15gp 1d8 19 - 4 s,1 Sword
Lucerne Hammer 12gp 2d4 x4 - 10 b/p,2 Tool Br, Re
Maul 15gp 1d10 x3 - 20 b,2 Tool E1
Pickaxe 12gp 1d8 x4 - 9 p,2 Tool
Pick, Heavy 8gp 1d6 x4 - 6 p,1 Tool
Pick, Light 4gp 1d4 x4 - 3 p,L Tool
Pistol 250gp 2d8 19/x3 20' (P) 3 e,L Black Powder F2, RL [2m, Eng 10]
Ram 500gp 3d6 x3 - 500 b,C4 Siege F?
Ranseur 10gp 2d4 x3 - 12 p,2 Spear Re, Di
Rapier 20gp 1d6 18 - 2 p,1 Sword Fi
Rifle 500gp 2d12 19/x3 80' (P) 8 e,2 Black Powder F2, RL [2s, Eng 12]
Sap 1gp 1d6 - 2 b,L Mace NL
Scimitar 15gp 1d6 18 - 4 s,1 Sword
Shortbow 30gp 1d8 x3 60' (P) 2 p,2 Bow CL
Shortsword 10gp 1d6 19 - 2 p/s,L Sword
Slingbow 40gp 1d6 80' (P) 5 b,2 Bow, Thrown CL
Trident 15gp 1d8 10' (T) 4 p,1 Spear Di, FM
Unarmed Strike 0 1d3 No - b,L Unarmed
Waraxe 30gp 1d10 x3 - 8 s,2 Tool E1
Warhammer 12gp 1d8 x3 - 5 b,1 Tool


Armor Spikes 50gp 1d6 x3 Hell No 5 p/s,L Unarmed NH
Atlatl 2gp as spear as spear x2 (P) 3 p,1 Spear CL
Axe, Double 60gp 1d8 x3 (5xStr)' Line 15 s,2 Tool FM, F2, Me
Bardiche 9gp 1d12 x3 - 12 s,2 Tool VR
Bash, Tower 250gp 1d8 - 40 b,2 Shield
Bazooka 1000gp 3d12 or 2d12 (5' radius) or as grenade ammo +1d12 19/x3 30' (P) 30 e,2 Black Powder F4, RL [2s, Eng 10]
Blowgun 1gp 1d3 19 40' (P) ½ p,L Spear
Bolas 5gp 1d4 10' (T) 2 b,L Flail, Thrown NL
Canon 1000gp 4d12 19/x3 160' 100 e,C2 Black Powder, Siege F2?, RL [2t, Eng 15]
Flail, Dire 200gp 3d6 18 - 10 b,1 Flail F3, KD
Fullblade 100gp 2d8 19/x3 - 16 s,2 Sword QR
Kusari-gama 20gp 1d6 - 5 b or s,2 Flail Db, IR, Fi, Fx, Tr, VR
Kwan-Do 30gp 1d8 19 - 9 s or b, 2 Sword Db
Limb Blade 20gp 1d6 19 No 3 s,L Sword Dp, NH
Longstaff 5gp 1d8 - 8 b,2 Mace Db, Re, Tr
Man-catcher 20gp 1d4 19/x3 - 8 p,2 Spear Re, Gr
Nekode 5gp 1d4 x3 No 2 p/s,L Unarmed Dp, +2 Climb
Net 20gp Entangle - 5' (T) 6 -,2 Grenade Fo, Fx, Gr
Net, Barbed 30gp Entangle & 1d6 5' (T) 9 p,2 Grenade Fo, Fx, Gr
Nunchaku 2gp 1d6 - 2 b,1 Flail Di, Fe, Fi
Sai 5gp 1d4 10' (T) 1 b/p,L Sword Di, FM, RDi
Scythe 18gp 2d4 19/x4 - 10 p/s,2 Tool KD
Shuriken 2sp 1d2 19 10' (T) 1/10 p,L Thrown Am, Fe, Me
Spiked Chain 25gp 2d4 - 10 p,2 Flail Db or VR, Fi, Fx, Tr
Sword-breaker 20gp 1d6 19 - 4 b or s,1 Sword Di, Su
Three Section Staff 8gp 1d8 - 8 b,2 Flail, Mace Db, Dp, Fe, Fi, Fx, Tr
Urgrosh 50gp 1d8 x3 - 12 p or s,1 or 2 Spear, Tool Db[2]
Whip 1gp 1d3 - 2 s,1 Flail Fi, Fx, IR, NL, Tr, VR


Complexity: There are 4 levels of complexity: Basic, Simple, Martial, & Exotic. Each class indicates proficiency with weapons of one category (& those below it); characters who are not proficient with a weapon provoke an opportunity attack when attacking with it. While wielding a weapon of lower complexity than the highest you are proficient with, you may act as though trained in a group the weapon belongs to.

Name: Duh.

Cost: The amount of coinage required to purchase the weapon (this value also helps determine Craft times.

Damage: This is the dice of damage the weapon deals when wielded in its regular manner. Certain weapons deal damage that is not set by the weapon itself; this entry indicates the damage parameters. A standard net deals no HP damage. All values are for a medium wielder.

Crit: This entry indicates unusual critical threat ranges or multipliers. A blank entry here means the weapon threatens a critical hit on only a natural 20, & deals double damage. Some weapons that deal damage based on parameters beyond the weapon also use those parameters to resolve critical hits. A net does not have a rating here, as it does not deal HP damage.

Range: This entry indicates the weapon's Range Increment in feet (for weapons with either a (P) or (T) listing), or Line length. A "-" means that the weapon is neither a projectile, nor can be thrown normally (but can be thrown as an improvised weapon). A "No" or "Hell No" indicates that the weapon may not be used as a thrown weapon without unusual circumstances.

Wt: The weapon's weight, in pounds.

Type: The type of damage the weapon deals ("b" for bludgeoning, "e" for ballistic [shut up & accept it], "p" for piercing, & "s" for slashing), & how much attention is required to wield it properly ("L" for light, "1" for one-handed, "2" for two-handed, or "C2, C3, C4", indicating that many people using 2 hands). A two-handed weapon has a check penalty of -1 on physical skills.

Group: Which of the 12 weapon groups you need to be trained in to wield a weapon properly. If a weapon lists more than one group, you need to be trained in each of those groups to use it. See the individual group descriptions below for special rules for each group. If you do not have training for the weapon's groups, you take a -2 penalty on attacks with it, & may not use its beneficial weapon traits.

Special: Special traits the weapon has that affect its usages. See after the group descriptions for details on these traits.


Black Powder: These weapons utilize the interaction of gunpowder & fire to function, & are somewhat hazardous to the user. If the weapon gets wet, it must make a Fortitude save (DC 5 + rounds of exposure), or require cleaning before it will discharge properly. Not readily available in all areas. Characters without this training take a -4 penalty on Engineering checks relating to such weapons.

Bow: Shoot people. In the face. Until it stops being funny.

Flail: These weapons automatically have the Disarm trait (see below).

Grenade: Such weapons attack against TV instead of AC, though they can deal weapon damage & provide their regular functionality if the attack hits AC. Chemical grenades frequently deal "splash" damage near where they land; for such attacks check for where a miss lands.

Mace: There are no special rules for this weapon group.

Shield: Characters who have Shield Proficiency are able to use them proficiently as defensive equipment, or as weapons (but not both at the same time).

Siege: These weapons are typically intended for use against structures.

Spear: Spears automatically have the Brace trait (see below).

Sword: You like them. Admit it.

Thrown: These weapons are designed to be... thrown. Many have the Fight in Melee trait (see below).

Tool: These weapons function much like less dangerous equipment, but are designed to be more suitable for combat. Tools deal full damage to objects

Unarmed: This group contains items that make you armed, but that is fine.


Am (ammunition): These throwable weapons may be drawn as ammunition instead of as weapons.

Br (brace): When the wielder readies such a weapon against a charge attack, increase the critical threat & critical multiplier by an additional one.

CL (club): The weapon may also be wielded as a Club.

Db (double): The weapon has two usable ends, & the wielder may wield both as though two weapon fighting; when doing so, treat one end as light.

Db[2] (two handed double): The weapon may be wielded with one hand, or as a double weapon in two hands.

Di (disarm): When making a disarm attack with this weapon, the wielder gains a +2 bonus on the roll. Additionally, apply no penalty for using a light weapon, & the target applies no bonus for their size.

Dp (disarm prevention): When someone attempts a disarm attack against the wielder, the wielder gains a +4 bonus on their roll.

E1 (exotic one-handed): If the wielder has Exotic Proficiency, they may wield this weapon in one hand.

Fe (feinting): When beginning an attack action to Feint, the wielder may make an attack with this weapon as a free action, with a -4 penalty. If this weapon hits, there is a +4 bonus on the Feint attempt.

Fi (finessable): The wielder may apply their Dex to melee attack rolls with these weapons, even though they are not light.

Fm (fight in melee): Though designed as thrown weapons, these may be used normally in melee.

Fo (folded): The weapon must be carefully arranged prior to attacking; attacks made without this preparation take a -2 penalty.

Fx (flexible): The weapon may make attacks into an adjacent square as though any cover that would apply did not exist (but not improved or total cover).

F2 (fumble 2): These weapons threaten a fumble on a natural roll of 2 or lower.

F2? (fumble 2, each): These weapons threaten a fumble on a natural roll of 2 or lower from any Crew. 

F3 (fumble 3): These weapons threaten a fumble on a natural roll of 3 or lower.

F4 (fumble 4): These weapons threaten a fumble on a natural roll of 4 or lower.

F? (fumble, each): These weapons threaten a fumble on a natural roll of 1 or lower from any Crew.

Gr (grapple): When the wielder strikes a creature with this weapon, they may initiate a grapple as a free action. While engaged in such a weapon grapple, the wielder may inflict weapon damage with a successful grapple check. If the wielder fails to initiate the grapple, they may drop the weapon as an immediate action to negate any reversal.

IR (improved reach): An improved reach weapon allows the wielder to attack spaces 3 squares away. They take a -4 penalty on attacks against closer targets.

KD (knock down): When the wielder strikes a creature with the weapon, they may make a trip attack against them as a free action. If the hit was a critical hit, add a +4 bonus to the trip. These weapons also have the "Trip" trait (see below).

MC (mounted critical): When wielded while mounted, increase the weapon's critical threat & critical multiplier by one.

Me (melee throw): The weapon may be thrown without provoking an attack of opportunity.

M1 (mounted one-handed): The weapon may be wielded one-handed while mounted.

NH (no hands): The weapon may be wielded without a free hand.

NL (non-lethal): The weapon typically deals non-lethal damage, though the wielder may take a -4 penalty on an attack roll to strike for lethal damage.

QR (quasi-reach): Though the wielder does not threaten spaces as they would with reach, a creature entering their threatened space provokes an opportunity attack. A quasi-reach weapon has a check penalty of -2 on physical skills.

RDi (ranged disarm): The wielder may make a disarm attack when throwing this weapon.

Re (reach): A reach weapon allows the wielder to attack spaces 2 squares away. They take a -4 penalty on attacks against closer targets. A reach weapon has a check penalty of -2 on physical skills.

RL[Eng #] (reload Engineering DC):  This is the Engineering total required to reload the weapon properly in the given timeframe.

RL[f, m, t, 2s, 2t, 3t] (reload time): The action requirement to reload the weapon (f=free action, m=move action, t=turn, 2s=two standard actions, 2t=two turns, 3t=three turns).

Su (sundering): When making a Sunder attack, the wielder gains a +2 bonus, the defender gains no bonus from weapon size or their size, & the wielder takes no penalty for the weapon's size.

Tr (trip): The wielder may use this weapon to make a trip attack. If they fail to trip, they may drop the weapon as an immediate action to negate any reversal.

VR (variable reach): The weapon has the "Reach" trait (see above); additionally, the wielder may strike targets inside the weapon's regular reach at no penalty.


Adamantine:  Metal only. Cost +10,000gp per pound. Hardness is 20. Ignore half the hardness of anything it strikes which has HN below 20.

Balanced: Apply to any masterwork weapon. Multiply the cost by ten. Must be balanced for a specific wielder (any other wielder treats it as just masterwork). Increase the critical threat range by one. Double the weapon's range increment. Eliminate any check penalty. The wielder gains a +2 bonus on rolls to prevent the weapon from being lost or damaged while in hand.

Cold Iron: Increase the cost of any enchantment added to a cold iron weapon by 2,000gp

Composite: Cost +25gp. +10' range. Weight +1. Can be applied to any Bow.

Darkwood: Reduce the weight of weapon by half. The base price increases by 10gp per pound (using the new weight).

Masterwork: Round the gp cost up to the next 10, then multiply by 10. +1 attack, +1 hardness. Decrease any check penalty the weapon has by one.

Mighty: Cost +100N gp (N=Strength rating); apply up to N Str to damage. Wielders with less than N Str instead take a -N penalty to attack & damage with the weapon. Weight +½N. Can be applied to Longbow or Shortbow.

Repeater: Apply to any masterwork crossbow. Cost +500gp. Weight +50%. Can be reloaded up to 5 times as a free action. After that it is a turn action to load a fresh clip of bolts (Eng DC 10). Loading a clip takes one minute (Eng DC 5). Weapon now requires Simple proficiency.

Spiked: Apply to any shield. Cost (5x shield bonus)gp. Weight +25%. Damage is +1 die type, & changes to piercing. Critical is 19/x3. Weapon gains the "disarm" trait, & now requires Martial Proficiency minimum.

Improvised Weapon weight (in pounds) Damage
< 2 1d3
2-5 1d4
6-10 1d6
11-25 1d8
26-50 2d6
51-100 3d6
101-200 4d6
201-400 6d6

For every additional doubling of weight, increase the damage as you would for an increased size category.

A sharpened item deals damage as though it were twice as heavy. A soft item deals damage as though ½ its weight, & has the NL trait.

Improvised weapons may have the following traits, at the DM's discretion, based on their form & functionality: DB, Di, Fx, Gr, IR, Re, Tr. All improvised weapons have the F2 trait.