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Basic Features

Base Attack: ½

Base Caster: 1          Base Manifester: 3/4

Base Saves: Poor Fortitude / Poor Reflex / Good Will

Hit-Die: D4 (3)

Skill Points: 2 (Administration, Arcana, Biology, Dweomer, Engineering, Geo, Sociology, Use Device) 

Weapon Proficiency: Basic

Weapon Group Training: Any 1

Initiative: Int

Key Attribute Score: Intelligence

Wizard Spell List

Wizard Spell List  (Downloadable PDF)

Level Progression

Fort Ref Will Fort Ref Will
01 Cantrips, Scribe Scroll +0 +0 +2 11 +3 +3 +7
02 Reserve Power +0 +0 +3 12 Bonus Feat, Improved Specialization +4 +4 +8
03 +1 +1 +3 13 +4 +4 +8
04 Bonus Feat +1 +1 +4 14 +4 +4 +9
05 Specialization +1 +1 +4 15 +5 +5 +9
06 Familiar +2 +2 +5 16 Bonus Feat +5 +5 +10
07 +2 +2 +5 17 +5 +5 +10
08 Bonus Feat +2 +2 +6 18 Swift Cantrips +6 +6 +11
09 +3 +3 +6 19 Greater Specialization +6 +6 +11
10 Skill Focus (favored skill) +3 +3 +7 20 Automatic Quicken Spell, Bonus Feat +6 +6 +12

Spell Progression

1st circle 2nd circle 3rd circle 4th circle 5th circle 6th circle 7th circle 8th circle 9th circle
01        1       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a
02        2       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a
03        2        1       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a
04        3        2       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a
05        3        2        1       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a
06        3        3        2       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a
07        4        3        2        1       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a
08        4        3        3        2       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a
09        4        4        3        2        1       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a
10        4        4        3        3        2       n/a       n/a       n/a       n/a
11        4        4        4        3        2        1       n/a       n/a       n/a
12        4        4        4        3        3        2       n/a       n/a       n/a
13        4        4        4        4        3        2        1       n/a       n/a
14        4        4        4        4        3        3        2       n/a       n/a
15        4        4        4        4        4        3        2        1       n/a
16        4        4        4        4        4        3        3        2       n/a
17        4        4        4        4        4        4        3        2        1
18        4        4        4        4        4        4        3        3        2
19        4        4        4        4        4        4        4        3        2
20        4        4        4        4        4        4        4        3        3


Learning Spells: When gaining the first level in Wizard, the Wizard adds 3+Int {C1} Wizard spells to their spellbook; at each additional level, they add 2 Wizard spells of any circle for which they have a slot. The Wizard may add a Wizard spell of any circle for which they have a slot to their spellbook from another spellbook or Wizard scroll, by spending {C} hours & succeeding Dweomer (DC 10 + 2x {C}); they may retry this process until successful, but may not take 10.

Spell Preparation: After resting for 8 hours, the Wizard may refresh their spell slots. The Wizard may, at any time, spend 1 hour studying their spellbook(s), &/or scrolls they have written, to prepare any number of their available spell slots, replacing each with a specific spell of up to that slot's circle from those written works. The Wizard may utilize another person's written works, making an Arcana check for each spell prepared this way (DC 10 + 2x {C}); the Wizard may not take 10 on this check. The Wizard may also use spells they currently have prepared as their own written work by succeeding Dweomer (DC 5 + the highest {C} prepared this way).

Casting Spells: To cast a Wizard spell they have prepared, the Wizard must expend the spell's slot, also expending the action noted in the spell's Cast Time & providing its listed components. When casting a Wizard spell with a somatic component, the Wizard must check Arcane Spell Failure for their equipped items.

Metamagic: The Wizard may add the circle adjustment from a metamagic feat they know to a spell's circle to determine the slot needed to prepare the spell, & apply the metamagic feat's effects to the prepared spell.

Class Features

Scribe Scroll:

The Wizard gains that feat.

Reserve Power:

When a Wizard prepares spells, they may choose a school; as long as they have at least one spell prepared from that school, they gain a bonus equal to the highest circle spell of that school they retain in memory. Apply the bonus as follows:

Evocation: Reflex

Force: Attack

Glamer: Cha skills

Necromancy: Weapon damage

Polymorph: Fortitude

Shadow: Dex skills

Teleportation: Landspeed

Bonus Feat:

Choose any Creation or Metamagic, or select School Focus, Greater School Focus, or Spell Mastery.


Evocation (Survival)

5th: Shape Spell (The Wizard may exclude any 1 square from the area of their Evocation Int/day). 

12th: Persistent Damage (1/day any creature damaged by the chosen Evocation takes damage again the following round; they may make a save of the same type & DC against this secondary damage). [SP]

19th: Backdraft (Int/day when the Wizard takes base energy damage from an area attack or ray, they may expend an immediate action to fire a medium range ray of that energy type at the originator of the effect; the ray deals 1d6 damage per 2 CL). [SP]

Force (Combat Awareness)

5th: You are Unwise to Lower Your Defenses (Add Int to {L} when determining the duration of Force the Wizard casts).

12th: The Power of this Battlestation Pales (Add Int to the hardness of the Wizard’s Force, & double the effect’s HP). [SU]

19th: I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing (When rolling damage for Force, the Wizard adds ½Int). [SU]

Glamer (Bluff)

5th: Sense of Unreality (The Wizard may re-save against any Glamer 1 round after failing their initial save).

12th: Social Proficiency (The Wizard may add Int as a competence bonus on Bluff & Diplomacy checks).

19th: Irresistible (As an immediate action Int/day, the Wizard causes targets of their Glamer who succeeded on their save to re-save). [SP]

Necromancy (Biology)

5th: Energy Lash (Int/day, as a Paladin of equal level). [SU]

12th: Necromantic Attunement (If an effect would deal the Wizard HP damage, ability damage, ability drain, ability burn, or energy drain using either positive or negative energy, they take half as much; if such an effect would heal the Wizard of any of those things, it heals an extra 50%).

19th: Swift Hand of Death (Int/day, as a swift action, the Wizard may deal 1 Constitution damage to a touched creature). [SU]

Polymorph (Engineering)

5th: Sudden Shift (As a swift action, the Wizard gains a climb, swim, or fly speed equal to their landspeed for 1 round Int/day). [SP]

12th: Muddled Anatomy (The Wizard may take 1d12 damage to re-roll any Fortitude save; they may only do this once per save).

19th: Disruptive Changes (The Wizard may force targets of their Polymorph to make an additional Fortitude save or be nauseated for 1 round). [SU]

Shadow (Stealth)

5th: Obscure Self (As a move action, the Wizard gains concealment miss chance equal to Intelligence for Int rounds, Int/day). [SU]

12th: Hide Dweomer (The Wizard’s [Obfuscation] have +10 Dweomer DC).

19th: Terrorize (When the Wizard targets a creature with a Shadow spell, the target must make a Will save or gain +1 fear for 1d4 rounds). [SU]

Teleportation (Geology)

5th: Temporal Boost (The Wizard gains an extra move action Int/day). [SU]

12th: Fast Teleporter (The Wizard reduces the casting time of their Teleportation as follows: any spell with casting time of minutes reduce by 1 minute, casting time of rounds reduce by 1 round, casting time of turn or complex reduce to standard).

19th: Abrupt Jaunt (As an immediate action, the Wizard astrally teleports 5' Int/day). [SU]


See Familiars

The Wizard’s familiar's type & subtype are keyed to their specialization, as are some of the familiar's powers; consult the listings below:

Evocation: True Elemental (Construct with the Ooze subtype & an appropriate elemental subtype)

Force: Quantum (Construct with the Spirit subtype)

Glamour: Friend (Animal 2 size categories smaller than the Wizard)

Necromancy: Skeletal Minion (Construct with the Necromantic subtype)

Polymorph: Plasmoid (Construct with the Ooze subtype)

Shadow: Umbra (Shadowstuff Construct)

Teleportation: Divergent Probability Doppelganger (a replica of the Wizard)

Swift Cantrips:

The Wizard may cast their cantrips as though they had Cast Time: Swift.